Saturday, April 7, 2018

Easter celebrations 2018.

Easter with kids is so fun! Most importantly, to teach them about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again, and it's also fun to do things like dyeing eggs, egg hunts, and easter baskets too!

Dyeing eggs.

Egg hunt! Here's our cheering section. :)

Hunting for eggs. (The zip-loc bag was supposed to be to store the candy in the end, but she ended up just putting eggs in it.)

Easter baskets.

This $1 blue egg (her favorite color) filled with M+Ms (probably her favorite thing to eat) was her favorite thing. Ha. 

Birthday hats for celebrating Easter and Aunt Elizabeth's birthday!

Easter scavenger hunt. It was so fun to be able to celebrate with Kley's family! (We also were doing respite over Easter and had two girls staying with us too.)

Happy birthday Elizabeth!

We love Uncle Brett and Aunt Elizabeth! Lucy is particularly fond of Uncle Brett and always wants him to hold her- it's pretty cute. 

Hope your Easter was special!


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