Monday, April 30, 2018

Cancun 2018.

Kley and I spent a week at the beach in Cancun! It was glorious. We are so thankful we were able to go. We have had a couple weekends away to cities close by where we live over the years, but we hadn't taken a big/longer trip since our honeymoon. It was so nice to spend some solo time together, especially after this last year of going from 1 to 3 kids! It was totally worth the planning, travel, leaving the girls, and financial sacrifice to make this happen. We'd recommend for everyone! It was so good for our marriage to have uninterrupted quality time and several days to truly relax. We missed the girls terribly, but are so grateful for amazing grandparents that took the best care of them!

Seeing the ocean everyday was the best! We both commented frequently how blue the water was. So pretty!

Our hotel. It was all inclusive, which was incredible and we really tried to live it up! The food was great, and being able to eat whatever we want, whenever we want was awesome and so nice to not have to cook or clean for awhile!

We had a perfect mix, I thought, of activities and relaxing. We had a couples massage, an excursion where we road this fast boat (below), jet skis, and snorkeling, dinner on the beach, rode the city bus to the flea market and did some shopping, and took a day trip out to Isla Mujeres where we explored the city there and swam with dolphins. The rest of the time we spent swimming or reading by the ocean!

Kley really wanted to snorkel, and I told him I would try my best, as I didn't have the best luck using the gear before. Relaxing to actually breathe through the tube is hard I think! But I'm so glad we did it. The water was so clear and we saw lots of fish! So neat.

Shopping downtown.

I went to the bathroom while Kley bartered. I am the worst at bartering and I don't even like to watch! Finding cute t-shirts for the girls was my mission.

Dinner on the beach. We had lots of delicious, fancy meals! So different from our normal life, but so nice to have long, quiet meals.

Some of our super fancy food!

Kley, I am so very thankful to be married to you. You are an incredible blessing to me!

This picture is super touristy, but one of my favorites from the trip!

Getting on the ferry to go to Isla Mujeres.

Swimming with dolphins was so fun!

Exploring downtown Isla Mujeres.

Not very good, but the best picture of the dolphins I could get.

We had such a fabulous trip and are very grateful we got to go! Thanks again to our amazing parents who watched our girls!


  1. I love seeing your pics!! Looks wonderful and I'm so glad you two had time away!!


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