Thursday, April 25, 2019


It was so fun to take the girls to the circus! I had heard it was coming, and was so glad it turned out to be a weekend that my parents were in town! My dad ended up not being able to come because he was helping my grandpa do yard work, and Kley didn't come because he was working (he does quite a few taxes even though he's a lawyer and not an accountant, so they were finishing the last minute rush over the weekend before the deadline), so we had a fun girls trip! Kayla (my sister) and Victoria (my cousin/Kayla's roommate) got to come too.

We had really nice seats! It was fun to watch the girls faces and see them enjoy it. The seats were especially nice for Lucy because she could wiggle a bit and walk up and down a few steps since we were near the front and on an end. We joked that she should be in the circus, not watching it, with how much she moves. Ellory and Norah sit still longer than her, but it was longer than we thought it would be, so they were all definitely ready for intermission to get up and walk around, though overall we did have a great time. (It was about an hour and twenty minutes until intermission, then a half hour intermission, and then we sat through another twenty minutes and then we left a bit early to head to supper, in case anyone was wondering the timeline. Such interesting things to see, but a bit longer to sit than we were expecting.) A fun experience!


Tiger tamer.

Light show.


Elephants- the girls said this was their favorite part!


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