Thursday, March 28, 2019

Family bowling!

We had a fun family night with the De Jongs! Brett, Elizabeth, and Will are here because Brett has spring break from med school, and we have loved seeing them! We hit up Bob's for the first time of the year (a place that's closed in the winter and is known for their coney dogs, basically like a hot dog with chili on top, and milkshakes) and then went bowling. The girls thought it was fun to break out their sunglasses! (Norah's are upside down on purpose! :)

Norah had gone bowling once before with Kley on a daddy daughter date, but it was Lucy and Ellory's first time. They really liked it! They kept at it for the whole game and did better at waiting for their turn than I thought they would (certainly helped that they had Will to talk to and nachos to eat during their breaks!). 

Everyone was very into trying to carry their own ball and pushing them down the ramp!

Love to see their smiles and experience new things together.

And so sweet to see them root for each other!

See how good they are at smiling for the camera? ;)

We love Friday night family fun!

Talking to cousin Will!


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