Friday, March 8, 2019

Cake and presents for Lucy and Ellory turning two!

After the big party, we had a low key night at home with ordering pizza, cake, and presents. It was fun to have all my family there! (We will celebrate with Kley's family later when Brett, Elizabeth, and cousin Will come up in a couple weeks.)

My sister tried so hard to get all four girls, plus Phoebe (their dog), to take a picture with their birthday hats, but unfortunately none of my girls were cooperating (they don't like the hats because they are too tight, they say), so we got one of Phoebe and Jorie.

My somewhat lame cake attempt. I read on an adult twin blog that many of them appreciated having their own birthday cakes growing up, because you always had to share the day no matter what. I liked that idea! So they each got their own cake and their own happy birthday song. 

Singing! It was fun to watch them blow out their candles.

Karlie and Phoebe.

Sampling the cake.

Opening presents.

Frozen is a big craze over here, so my parents got them the stuffed doll version of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Sven, and they were a hit!

Singing "Let it go!"

I love celebrating my girls birthdays because it's such a fun reflection over the last year, and it's fun to make it a big deal because they are huge joys in my life! Happy birthday, Lucy and Ellory! We love you so so much!


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