Monday, March 4, 2019

Lucy and Ellory's two-year-old watermelon party!

Lucy and Ellory recently turned two (how did that happen?) and we celebrated with a watermelon "love you times a melon" themed party with family and friends! My grandparents couldn't make it because of weather, and Kley's sister/fam couldn't make it because they just had a baby (yahoo!), but other than that all of our family was able to make it. So very special to have them all there, along with some good friends.

I actually stole this idea from our friends who did it for their daughter who turned one, and I thought it was so cute! She gave me a few of their decorations too, which was so nice (including the cute watermelon lights!). I splurged and bought this giant inflatable, justifying it by that we are going to Florida in June so we can use it then too, and I'm glad I did because it added a fun touch!

It was a pretty easy party, but very fun. I got pink and watermelon scrapbook paper and made the signs myself, and I only ordered a couple things and the rest my friend gave us. I ordered the watermelon balloon, inflatable, plates, napkins, and cups, but the rest I had already in my decor bin. My mom helped make a bit batch of trail mix, and my MIL ordered cute cookies. I made pink pretzel rods with green sprinkles, and we had real watermelon and sour patch watermelon candy.

Making birthday boards are probably my favorite part of birthdays. It's so fun to me to make them and to look back at the wonderful year we had! It's so hard to me to narrow it down to pictures that will actually fit on one board, but that's a good problem I think. 

We had the party in our local library's basement, which was a really nice spot because we had a lot of people, the kids had room to run, and it was free! We brought along our balls, bag toss game, and some coloring books for kids activities. Everyone seemed to have fun!

Grandmas are so special!

Norah and some of her friends. It's so fun to watch them be excited to see each other! They played so nicely together.

Enjoying some treats.

Thankful for so many who love on our girls!


The bigger kids were playing dodgeball in the back. I don't know how close it was to real dodgeball, but that's what they were calling it.

Uncle Keaton!

Love my two-year-old cuties! Their sweet shirts are from etsy, so fun!

Norah is a great big sister!

Great Grandpa and Grandpa De Jong (Kley's paternal grandparents).

It feels so normal to have twins now, but sometimes I still catch myself and it feels so surreal!

My four biggest blessings!

Great Grandpa and Grandma Schut (my paternal grandparents). 

Papa, Amma,  and Great Grandpa Ver Steeg (Kley's parents and maternal grandpa). Also, someone told Norah to smile for this picture, and her response was, "I smiled for the last one!" Oh, pictures with kids!

Aunt Rose and cousin Jorie!

Grandpa and Grandma (my parents). 

All my siblings (plus my cousin Victoria). 

My dad has always been so good at entertaining the kids at events like this. Here they were throwing balls up the stairs and watching them bounce down.

Happy happy birthday, Lucy and Ellory! We love you!


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