Monday, March 25, 2019

Dear park, oh how we love you!

The return to the park each early spring is glorious, and this year was no different. It feels so good to break out the spring jackets, feel the warmth, and get fresh air! It's so fun to watch the girls grow each season; it seems more obvious after not being at the park for months and then go to back and see all that they can do. Watching your kids have fun is really the best feeling.

An added bonus was that Elizabeth and cousin Will got to come with too! He is six weeks and just the sweetest. Norah loved pushing him in the stroller.

These girls love to swing!

I love this picture! It's fun to watch their personalities at the park. Lucy is adventurous and loves to go all over and see everything. She has no fear and loves the biggest slides. Ellory will go down the small slides, but is more cautious and likes to watch. They both had lots of fun! Norah too!

I bet Lucy went down this big slide 15 times. Ellory climbed to the top a couple times, but always gets scared and wants to come back down.

Ellory said she was stuck here. :)

What a great first time back, and we are all excited to log many hours there this year!


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