Wednesday, March 20, 2019

House Tour- Norah's "new" room!

Here are some pictures of Norah's "new" room! Norah loves to call it her new room and show it off to everyone who comes over, even though this was actually her nursery when she was baby, and also this is all her same stuff, so nothing is actually new. We had to switch the girls' rooms around because Lucy and Ellory's big girl beds wouldn't fit in this room because of the configuration of the door/window, so the girls traded rooms! Norah was a bit hesitant at first, but has done super well with it. She got on board with switching as soon as we said we could put the gold dots on the wall again. She says that's her favorite part!

If you're interested, you can see what it looked like when this room was Norah's nursery and then Lucy and Ellory's nursery when they were born. Also, here is Norah's first big girl room (in the other bedroom- we live in a ranch house with three bedrooms on the main floor).

It turned out nice, we think! Even though nothing is really different, it was still fun to set up again. I also love that Norah really loves the gold dots.

Everything in her room is a few years old, but her bedding, curtains, NORAH letters, lamp, and rug are from Pottery Barn Kids. Her dollhouse is Kid Kraft. Her nightstand and dresser are actually part of the nursery set we have, but it all wouldn't fit into Lucy and Ellory's room with two big girl beds. We moved Norah's old dresser into our spare room in the basement (which we like to call Aunt Kayla's room, who goes to college in our town, although she rarely ever sleeps there, or the foster care room, since that's where everyone stays whenever we do respite), and now each room has one of the dressers from the nursery set upstairs. The stuffed animal shelves and the book shelves (on the opposite wall) are from Ikea and we spray painted them gold. Her headboard was a birthday gift from grandparents two years ago when she first got her big girl bed. (She also has a queen bed because that's what we had in the guest room at the time, so she just gets a massive bed for a little girl!)

The "You are my sunshine" painting we had done when we were pregnant with Norah, and it's the song we sing to all the girls before bed every night. The picture of the three of us is from Norah's two-year-old pictures and I was pregnant with Lucy and Ellory, but I just like it so much that I haven't changed it.

There really isn't anything amazingly special about her closet, but I really love it because it's big and great for storing extra toys (I love rotating toys- so many benefits!). Interesting fact- our house was originally a 2 bed 1 bath main floor, but they later added on this room and the master, which is awesome because then we got a master bath and both of those two added rooms have big closets. (The original second bedroom became an office, because both of those rooms were added off of that room, so now there's no window in it or anything.)

The carousel picture was in my nursery as a baby! Also, the one new thing Norah got for her room was that baby table for Christmas.

The giraffe and floral pictures were another new touch from Hobby Lobby, so I guess she had a couple new touches, but almost everything was the same.

Norah, we are so glad you love your room and that you can feel safe and loved in there!


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