Wednesday, June 21, 2017

House tour- Lucy and Ellory's nursery.

Here are some photos of Lucy and Ellory's nursery! I love how it turned out. We did not know the genders beforehand, so we had to wait to do a lot of it until after they were born. Here is what it looked like when it was Norah's nursery. A lot of it is the same, like the wall color and furniture, with just ordering another crib. I'm glad it's a decent sized room, so it wasn't too hard to fit two cribs in. 

To fit the crib on the other wall, we had to move the dresser over, which meant putting the rocker in the other corner and the toy shelf that was there into the closet. All in all, I think it fits well! I don't love the chair in the corner and how close it is to the nightstand, but it's the best we could do to fit two babies in there!

The curtains, rug, and bedding are from Pottery Barn Kids. I think it turned out really pretty! It's soft and elegant and will last them for a long time, as they will be in this room for longer than Norah was. 

I love their canvases, and these sweet wooden name signs I ordered on etsy. Probably my favorite pieces of the room!

I really like how this dresser turned out. I really love the mirror and lamp with the lace pink shade (both from Pottery Barn Kids also). And their newborn/family photos turned out so nice!

The giraffe picture I got a long time ago, before we even found out it was twins, from Hobby Lobby. The white flowers on the other wall are from Target, and the framed floral picture is from Megan Carty Art, which is really neat because she also made the "You are my sunshine" picture that was in Norah's nursery and is now in her big girl room.

The cards on the far top left are from their great grandma. She loves to make cards, and the cards she gave them when they were born were so pretty and matched the room so well that we framed them. The wooden rocking horse was from my nursery when I was a baby, and the animal giraffe was made by my great grandmother, who passed away the week before Norah was born.  The lamb is what my mom gave me when we found out we were pregnant with Norah, and we've used it to take all three of the girls monthly pictures with. 

I'm also so thankful for their huge closet!


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