Friday, June 23, 2017

Father's Day summer fun in Des Moines.

We went to Des Moines for the weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday and Father's Day. It was a fun time! My sister from Minneapolis was there too, so we got to see the whole family (except for Zack, her husband). Thankfully, Lucy and Ellory like their car seats and slept almost the whole way, and they slept well at night there too. Way to go, girls!

The past few visits, Norah has loved this car, but the battery wasn't working, so she would just sit on it in the garage and pretend drive. My parents got a new battery for it this time, but Norah was a little fearful of it actually moving. I'm sure she'll warm up to it!

Daddy trying to teach her how to drive it- she would sit in it while moving, but only if someone else pushed the pedal and steered her. 

We hit up the pool for some swimming and Norah had a blast. 

Norah is getting braver this summer! She is getting better about putting her face in/head under, and even went down the slide in the deep end where her head went under several times!

Kley, happy Father's Day! You are an amazing dad (along with my dad and father-in-law also!). Watching you with our girls is so great. I told him that I was so thankful he is so reliable, and he is so valuable, both to me and the girls. Having a Godly, stable man in their lives is such a blessing. I know there are many kids out there who don't have that, and I am so thankful for you, Kley! I hope that by you loving us so well, that they will be able to trust even more deeply how reliable their Heavenly Father is and how much He loves them.


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