Monday, June 5, 2017

Lucy and Ellory- Three months.

(I wrote this two weeks ago when the girls were actually three months, but just getting it up to publish now. Oops.)

Lucy and Ellory are three months! They are such sweet girls. Occasionally time feels like it's going slow, but more often it feels like it's flying. Overall, they really are good babies. They will sometimes have fussy moments, of course, and the evening is usually the worst for fussiness, but it's not too bad. Thankfully Daddy is home in the evening to help! The evenings feel like they fly by with supper, baths, and getting three to bed. There's also loads of laundry with two more babies in the house! I wouldn't trade it for anything though. Being a mom to three is tiring, constant, and demanding, but very worth it and I am so honored to be their mom. The good moments outshine and their little smiles and coos are so perfect!

Feeding: They eat about every 3 hours during the day, occasionally 3.5. The times aren't as rigid anymore since their nighttime feedings vary, which kind of messes up the day, but it's still about the same. They eat about 6 times a day- early morning, mid morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening, and bedtime, and 1-2 times during the night. Most days they still have two bottles a day, occasionally just one if I don't have people to help. The doctor said at their last visit to try to still do two bottles each day, but to do at least one for sure, to help them continue to gain weight (since their bottles are fortified with a little formula mixed with my milk). Ellory drinks 3.5 oz in her bottle- she chugs it and would probably drink more. Lucy drinks 3 oz, and is a slower drinker and sometimes doesn't finish. Nursing them both at the same time is still going really well. Lucy sometimes unlatches a few times and has to start again, but is doing pretty well and I'm so thankful nursing both is going well!

Diapers/clothes: Switched to size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes at about 10 weeks. They are wearing all 3 month clothes, with most 0-3 month outfits still fitting. 3-6 month clothes are still big. Ellory poops less now, and they both have bigger poops less often. They both toot often (and boy do they smell!) and trick everyone into thinking their pants are full when they aren't.

Sleeping: Their sleeping is slowly getting better, which I am super thankful for! At their two month check, they told me we didn't have to wake them during the night anymore to eat, so we could let them sleep as long as they would like. At first they still woke up about every 3 hours, occasionally 3.5. Now, they usually skip one feeding. Sometimes they still eat twice in the night, but have been regularly sleeping until sometime between 3:30-4:30, and it's amazing to get a few uninterrupted hours in bed! So, they usually go down around 11, eat once around 4ish, again around 8ish, and usually go back to sleep until about 9.

Developments: The smiles and coos are the best! Ellory smiles a bit more freely, but both smile and it's so perfect! They started smiling more at 9 weeks and cooing more at 10 weeks. Lucy cries more to be held and is a bit more dramatic. Her cry is higher pitched and she seems to cry more often out of frustration or annoyance. Ellory is more laid back and is more content to sit/lay by herself, but when she cries it's so sad, with big tears and her bottom lip out. Ellory likes her paci, but has sucked her thumb a few times too! Lucy sometimes sucks her fist, and will only occasionally take a paci, but you basically have to hold it in her mouth because her suction isn't super strong. Lucy rolls onto her side and twice rolled off her Boppy pillow, so I think she will roll over first. They don't really seem bothered by the other, but they don't really love cuddling or acknowledging each other either.

Favorites: They both love to be held, but Lucy cries to be held more. Lucy loves lay on your chest. The paci calms Ellory down. They both like to sleep with their arms up and out and never liked being swaddled. They both enjoy taking a bath, but don't love getting out. They both fall asleep pretty quickly in their car seats and like sleeping in them. It's neat to hear them be calmed by our voices or being near them when they are upset. We would do anything to get them to smile! Lucy and Ellory, you are the best babies!


  1. I feel like it's been forever since we saw you all!!! Next week!!!! They are growing so much!


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