Thursday, June 1, 2017

High school graduate, headed our way!

We headed down to Des Moines to celebrate my youngest sister, Kayla's, graduation from high school. It was our first trip with the twins, and thankfully it went pretty well- better than I thought it would! Traveling with young kids is a challenge, but so worth it to be there to celebrate her and see lots of family. 

Kayla worked really hard in high school and got excellent grades- way to go, sister! The best part is that she is headed to Northwestern College, in the same town where we live! She's going to play volleyball and major in nursing. We can't wait to have you over and come watch your games, Kayla! We love you lots! Very thankful for you as our sister and aunt. You're the best!

(I didn't get many pictures, because we were sitting in the way back in the mother's room at the church because asking three little kids to sit quietly during a graduation ceremony is impossible. Ha.)

Congratulations Kayla!


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