Monday, May 29, 2017

Tulip Festival 2017.

We had to miss most of Tulip Festival this year because we were in Des Moines for my sister's graduation, but we enjoyed what we were there for! (And if we had to miss, this was a good year to miss because the weather was cold and rainy!)

It was so much fun to take Norah on the rides this year. She was old enough to anticipate it and know it was coming, and she was anxiously awaiting all day. It was so cute. Here's Norah and Kley on the carousel!

Norah absolutely loved the giant slide and had to go down twice in a row. She stood at the very top just shaking her arms and shouting, "I'm so excited!" All that money we spent on overpriced ride tickets was absolutely worth it to see the look on her face and the joy in her voice. Watching your kids have fun is even better than having fun yourself!

And isn't her t-shirt the cutest? It says, "Wooden shoe rather be dutch?"

This year was also Norah's first time going on a ride solo. I knew she would either absolutely love it or cry/hate it, and I'm so thankful she loved it! I wondered if she would be scared to go by herself, but we told her some of the rides were to small for us and were just for kids, and she thought that was awesome and walked right on in! She loved driving her own car!

Riding the dragons with Aunt Elizabeth!

Ferris wheel!

We were able to make it to one parade before heading to Des Moines, and even though it was cold, I'm glad we made it. It was Lucy and Ellory's first Tulip Festival debut! Here is the POD (Pride of the Dutchmen) marching band, where Kley went. He absolutely loves seeing them every year and freaks out.

The Queen and her court.

Watching the parade.

It was so cold, but the girls handled it so well. 

Had to take a picture by the tulips!

Kley was also very excited this year because he got to play as part of the entertainment! He played with his cousin and a friend, but they printed it in all the announcements as the "Kley De Jong band," so everyone kept asking us about his band, and I kept having to tell people that this was just for Tulip Festival and it's not a real band. Ha. But, he really enjoyed it. I, unfortunately, had to miss most of it because it was right during the girls feeding time, but way to go, Kley! I felt bad for him that not many people were there because of the bad weather, but he did great!


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