Friday, May 5, 2017

Easter 2017 daughter and family photos.

We sure had a great Easter this year, and hope you did too! So thankful for our Savior! I ordered the girls these matching pink tutu dresses from Old Navy, both for their newborn photos and for Easter, and they were so cute! It's so fun to dress girls! Here was our attempt at photos:

The twins are definitely not lacking in kisses!

They were getting fawned over, that's for sure!

Norah is a pretty great big sister!

We gave Norah a bubble machine and a chocolate bunny in her Easter basket. The bubble machine will be well used this summer, I'm pretty sure!

Norah is looking quite grown up these days. Pretty girl!

It's still strange to me sometimes that we are a family of five. Love this picture!

And love this family photo too, just missing my sister Karlie and her husband, Zack!

With my grandparents too. 

Happy grandparents!

We also got to see Brett and Elizabeth (Kley's sister) too and it was great!


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