Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Easter fun and egg hunts.

Easter was so much fun this year, as Norah is getting older. It was neat to read her all her Easter books, explain the true meaning of Easter that Jesus died for her sins and rose again so we can have eternal life, and do the Resurrection Eggs with her each day (which I think she was still a little young to really understand, but it never hurts!). It was also fun to watch her enjoy just playing with a bucket of the plastic Easter eggs. She carried them around all week and we had too many egg hunts to count. 

And how cute are these sweet babies?



We were blessed to see a lot of our family over Easter weekend. My mom, dad, sister, and brother/SIL came, and so did Kley's sister/BIL. It was great!

Saturday morning most of the crew headed to the egg hunt/carnival. Unfortunately, I had to miss because it was over the twins feeding time and they still aren't supposed to go out in public yet (since they were NICU babies and doctors want them to avoid RSV/influenza season), but I'm glad they had lots of fun. I heard it was amazing- the kids put on a small Christian play about Easter, and then there is an egg hunt and carnival (with really amazing prizes I heard). 

Hunting for eggs!

Of course she had to test out the swings after. 

She was so proud of her candy!

Such a nice picture! Norah was too enthralled with her candy to look.

Norah leading the pack.

She saw her friend Josie there, too!

Playing carnival games.

For lunch on Sunday we went to my grandparents house, and my grandpa loved holding the twins so much. It was neat to watch. 

There were so many egg hunts- my parents had one for her at my grandparents' house (her great grandparents), and we also had one here at the other grandparents house. She ate it up- literally!

At the De Jong's house, Grandma and Aunt Elizabeth had created an Easter egg scavenger hunt, with clues and a prize for all three girls at each spot. It was so special!

One of her treats was a wooden egg set with velcro in the middle so you could cut them. It's perfect for Norah, because her and Kley make eggs together every Saturday morning, and she always pretends to make eggs in her kitchen, so she was so in love with these that she didn't want to finish the hunt!

Uncle Brett and Aunt Elizabeth helping to read clues.

Found a prize!

We had such a great weekend and it's so much fun to watch your kids enjoy holidays!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Josie looks incredibly serious in the photo! 😂 Large crowds like that are not her thing! 😜 Norah looks like she loved all the egg hunts!


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