Friday, March 15, 2019

House Tour- Lucy and Ellory's big girl room/beds!

Lucy and Ellory have a big girl room and beds now! They are growing up so fast. We switched the girls rooms around, because their beds wouldn't fit in their original nursery because of the configuration of the door and window. Their cribs converted to full beds, so we just went with that route straight away so we didn't have to buy a toddler bed conversion kit and a full bed conversion kit. We figured they would end up in full beds in the long run anyway, so we would just do it right away.

If you're interested, you can see where this room was originally our guest room when we moved in with just Norah and then it was Norah's big girl room when Lucy and Ellory were born. You can also see Lucy and Ellory's nursery.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I originally wanted it configured a different way, but then one of the beds ended up blocking the closet door, so this arrangement was our only option. I'm glad all of our bedrooms are decent sized and can fit two full beds!

Most of their things were from their nursery as well, so it's not that different, but still fun to set up! The E and L are a new addition from Hobby Lobby and the alphabet sign was moved from Norah's room. Their bedding was a birthday gift from grandparents and I think it's so pretty!

The curtains, lamp, and mirror are from Pottery Barn Kids, and the Willow Tree figurines are what we picked out for them when they were dedicated at our church. The dresser is from their nursery set, and the night stand we've had for years.

I had originally wanted to wait until it was more "complete" to post pictures, but that's just not real life, so I just took the pictures and quit waiting. Personally, I would want to have more cute things on the nightstand and another throw pillow, for instance, but that's totally not practical in a room of two two-year-olds who love to climb and touch everything. But, they seem really happy with it, so we are thankful for that! (Other than getting out of bed, which has been a big issue unfortunately, but I don't want to go into that. This is not a sleep post, this is a cute room post. :)

The "love you to the moon and back sign" was in both Norah and L/E's nurseries, and the floral picture underneath was in their nursery too. I also still really love their gray floral name signs that we ordered from etsy when they were born.

Nothing spectacular about their closet, but I really love it. This is one of the things in the house we redid, and it's been so worth it. The original closet just had one shelf on the top that was very hard to reach and one hanging rod. Putting in the white shelving has made it seem so much bigger and we get so much more use out of it. I feel like we store quite a bit in there for the space!

Lucy and Ellory, can't believe you're big enough for a big girl room already, but here we are. So thankful you are growing happy and healthy. Being your mom is the best.


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