Thursday, July 15, 2021

4th of July 2021.

Happy 4th of July! Thankful for the USA and our freedoms and the many who have fought hard for those freedoms. Thankful for family time and fun! My parents and sister joined us at our house for the weekend. 

We spent an afternoon and evening at a lake in a neighboring town and we all had a lot of fun! Nice to be outside and feel the sand. The girls loved it!

Kley is a great dad, thankful for how interactive he is.

We put on our own little light show in our driveway! We didn't do anything big because the girls are still young, but it's so fun to watch the excitement through their eyes. 

Our three cuties! Apparently we are doing peace signs for pictures now?

Gearing up for the show.

Sparkler fun.

My grandpa and grandma were able to join for supper and the fireworks show also, which was an extra special treat! Time with them is a blessing.

We also spent an afternoon at a pool in a neighboring town. It's a fairly new outdoor waterpark that we'd only been to once before and they had been asking to go again this summer, so they were pumped! Norah is getting so brave- she went down the slide where she couldn't touch at the bottom and swam to the side all by herself! (They have some remnants of face paint on their faces because we also walked to the park and farmer's market in the morning and they got their faces painted there.)

So many fun activities! What a special weekend!


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