Monday, August 17, 2020

Des Moines staycation (part 1).

We recently had our Schut side family vacation! We were supposed to all go to a house together on a lake in Minnesota, but my parents ended up cancelling it because of COVID to just wait to spend the money on something like that until everyone felt completely comfortable/safe and we could go out and do more things, which makes sense. We all gathered together at my parent's house for a few days instead in Des Moines. While it wasn't what we originally hoped, we still had fun and am thankful we could have a few days all together!

One huge positive of having young kids is that they are easy to please and think even small things are special! They got over not being able to go to MN very quickly when we talked about some fun things we could do at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

We had a water day with our inflatable pool, some inflatable toys, and water balloons! The girls especially loved the water balloons and swimming with cousin Jorie!

There was more water in the pool, this was just when it was filling up. 

The girls picked this giant inflatable ball as a treat to bring along, which provided lots of fun running around the yard.

My niece, Jorie, is the cutest!

I am super thankful that our families are fun and interactive with our girls!

We had supper at Keaton and Rose's house one night and got some cute cousin pictures with Jorie and Murphy! They just built a new house really close to my parents, which is so nice (both the house and being close to my parents)!


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