Friday, August 21, 2020

Okoboji 2020- Swimming and Memorial Park.

We spent a few days in Okoboji with the De Jongs and we had a great time! While 2020 has been a strange year and it wasn't the family trip we had originally planned for (we were supposed to go Disney in May but it was obviously cancelled due to COVID), we are thankful we could get away together and we still had lots of fun! We love family time wherever and whenever we can get it!

We got a rare picture of just Kley and I! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary while we were there!

The girls really loved this water slide! Norah went down about 40 times, I'm not kidding. 

I love this picture of all of us- we even got Will to come down too!

We are laughing because the slide was way faster than we thought. There was only two feet of water at the bottom, so we thought it would be a nice, gentle slide, but you really flew down! Kley and I both fell into the water!

I really love these slide pictures. These are the 2020 moments I want to remember. We are together and happy and healthy- thank you Jesus!

Kley is a great dad!

Norah loved going sideways.

Will loved watching the action!

We had supper by the pool, and Norah got out to quick eat a cheeseburger plus a chicken strip and some fries, and then quick headed back in for more slide runs. Slides make you hungry but you can't stop for long!

We went to Memorial Park one day too, they have a neat playground! The splash pad part wasn't turned on, but they have two playground areas that are nice too.

The girls are wonderful cousins! Will is never lacking in attention. ;)


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