Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Des Moines staycation (part 2).

While on our staycation in Des Moines, we had a super fun morning at Howell's! It's mainly a pumpkin patch, so fall is their best season, but they had part of their play area open with lots of fun things! We had fun on their unique slides and saying hi to the baby goats.

Lucy is a big daddy's girl!

Three cuties! I think it's so cute when they can three way match.

Jorie got to come too! Murphy was home napping.

Rubber duck races.

Big rolling tunnel- the girls didn't like this too much.

Wiggle cars.

Giant cow slide!

Baby goats! My favorite was named Phred. Like Fred with a Ph, so funny.

This was a cool slide!

How perfect are twins for a see-saw? So cute.

They had lots of fun sit on animals, swings, tractors/trikes, etc. 

Thankful for a few days with family! It wasn't a big or exotic trip, but we will take what we can get these days. We had more fun at my parents house too making s'mores, playing outside, watching Moana and Toy Story 4, playing Minute to Win It and Guess the Candy (games I organized just for fun!), and visiting a few parks. 


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