Monday, December 2, 2019

Disney on Ice!

A Christmas present for the girls from grandparents this year was Disney on Ice tickets, which was so special! I love experience gifts, especially as the girls get older. (Like when you first have babies you need so much stuff because you have nothing, but once they get older you don't need as much anymore and we already have great toys. Not that a few new ones each year aren't fun, we just don't need tons!) And it's so fun as they get older because they can look forward to an experience coming, enjoy it during, and remember it after! We took Norah a couple years ago when Lucy and Ellory were babies, but it was fun to go as a family and experience it all together. 

This first picture was right in the beginning when it first started. I love it, especially Ellory's face. :) :) They were also excited to wear their Elsa dresses again, which is what they were for Halloween this year.

Toy Story.

The Little Mermaid.

No one was super up for a photo, but we were having fun!

Mickey and Minnie were the hosts.


Frozen- everyone's favorite!

The skaters were all super good! They did tons of jumps, lifts, spins, etc. I took ice skating lessons back in Jr. High, fun fact about me, but the best I learned before I quit was a 180 degree jump, ha.

Since we last went, they also really heightened security/rules, so they wouldn't let me bring in my diaper bag or camera, so these are my phone pictures.

What a fun family day, so neat to do special outings!


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