Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ellory, my sweet glasses buddy.

Big news in Ellory's world- she got glasses! So adorable!

We had been noticing a little eye crossing, and mainly looking at things closely (like standing close to the TV, holding books close to her face, and always walking up and staring at the book during story time at the library). I actually took her in last year to have her checked for this, but they said she seemed okay (but she was also not as communicative or able to cooperate as much as she was this year). I took her in again just to double check because I was still noticing some things, and thankfully I did, because they said she definitely needed glasses and her prescription is fairly strong! Her eyes/prescription are incredibly similar to mine, so I guess she got all my genetics in that category.

Supportive sisters, my three beautiful girls!

Kley doesn't wear glasses/contacts, so it was special that I could relate to her since I do. Glasses buddies!

I'm writing this on day one of having them, and so far she thought they were really neat for about an hour and then didn't want to wear them after that. Praying that this is a smooth transition for her, that she will get used to wearing them quickly and that she would realize that they help her see better and thus want to wear them!

Now, right before publishing this, she's had them a week and a half, and it's going pretty well! She still occasionally takes them off, but is wearing them the majority of the day. Way to go, Ellory!


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