Thursday, November 14, 2019

Halloween 2019.

Happy Halloween from Elsa x3! I thought it was sweet they all wanted to be Elsa. Frozen is a definitely favorite around here. The sweetest Elsas I ever did see! :)

We trick or treated at the grandparents/great grandparents houses, but other than that we went to our town's downtown business trick or treat, where (almost) all the businesses on Central open up for trick or treaters in the afternoon. It's glorious- it's warmer in the afternoon, you don't have to go out in the dark, and you don't have to walk as far, just up and down one street for a few blocks. So fun for little kids!  It was fairly busy, so they were a tad hesitant at first, but did it and loved it! I asked halfway through if they wanted to be done, but they said no and we did the whole thing. Norah said she needed to get more candy, so we needed to keep going. :) We just stayed home and passed out candy to those who trick or treated at our house at night, and the girls thought that was fun too. 

Three cuties! It was cold enough to need hats and coats, but not so cold it wasn't enjoyable. Great weather!

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