Monday, November 11, 2019

Norah's 5th Birthday- big family celebration.

Over the weekend, we had lots of family in town to celebrate Norah's 5th birthday! It was super special because everyone was there- all the great grandparents (Kley and I have seven still living- what a blessing!), grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins (all two of them, but they were there!). We are very thankful that everyone made the trip- being all together is so very special.

Five with Grandpa!

We had brunch, so Norah got to blow out her candle on a muffin. 

We surprised the girls and rented a big bounce house for the front yard for the day. We initially debated on it because of the price, but I'm so glad we did it! It was a big hit for everyone and one of the favorite parts of the day. Jorie, my niece, absolutely loved it. Kley's grandma also got in too! 

Look at Jorie's smile!

We were in the bounce house a lot, thankful we had beautiful fall weather that day!

Norah kept going down backwards, so I couldn't get one of her face.

We tried to introduce my nephew Will to the fun, but he wasn't so sure. 

Jumping with Grandma!

Uncle Zack was a huge sport and played with the girls a TON that morning. I mean, all of our family is great with the girls, but Lucy really latched on to him that day and I'm pretty sure she drug him down the slide about 40 times. No joke.

Look at them holding hands! :)

Great Grandpa and Grandma De Jong.

Great Grandpa Ver Steeg.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Schut.

The De Jong side- I love this picture!

In the afternoon we went to our local pumpkin patch. It was fun! 

Looking back at these pictures makes me so happy that our girls are surrounded by so many who love them so much.

Grandpa and Grandma.

Papa and Gigi (Great Grandpa and Grandma Van Etten). They live in South Dakota, the farthest away, so it was special that they ended up being able to come!

Being a wife and mom are my two most favorite earthly titles. :)

The Schut side- thanks to all my siblings for making the trip!

Happy 5th Birthday Norah! My heart overflows with love for you. You are cherished.


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