Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Loving the last park day of the year!

We had our last (hopefully not, but probably so) 50ish degree day in November and we enjoyed being outside! We went to a fun park in a neighboring town for something special (not too far away but far enough to not visit it on a normal basis). The girls had huge smiles and we played until it got dark and then had a picnic supper- a fun family afternoon!

Kley kept bumping them on this thing and they were belly laughing they loved it so much. Kid belly laughs are my favorite.

I love seeing Ellory's face on slides/inflatables. Norah and Lucy always have big smiles. Ellory loves it in the end, but always has a little bit of terror on her face going down. 

No one else I'd rather be with. :)


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