Friday, November 1, 2019

Norah's 5th Birthday- small family celebrations.

The weekend before Norah's birthday, we were in Des Moines for a cousin's wedding. We had hoped to do more activities, but it was rainy and cold for most of it, so this was the only picture I got of the weekend, but yay for cousin pictures! We love you, Jorie! My parents were able to take the girls to a pumpkin patch in the afternoon, which was nice, but we missed it because we were at the (adults only) wedding.

Celebrating Norah's birthday as a family! We like to let the birthday girl pick a place to eat and an activity to do for their celebration as just the five of us. Norah started opening a couple gifts!

Norah chose Pizza Ranch on Monday for supper, a classic favorite!

She chose bowling for her activity. It didn't turn out as hoped though, because when we got there it was league night and every lane was full. Bummer. (I had checked online to make sure they were open, but now I know to call ahead to make sure actual lanes are open and not just the establishment! Another fun small town fact is that this bowling alley does not accept credit cards, ha.) Norah handled it quite well though, and we played a few arcade games instead. 

Lucy and Ellory were happy to participate in any and all birthday activities!. :)

We were able to celebrate on Tuesday with the De Jongs with supper out and ice cream. What fun to celebrate both Kley and Norah! (Kley's birthday is in October too. Happy birthday Kley! I love you very much, much more than this short throw in to a post that's not even about you.) Elizabeth and Will were in town from Des Moines too, so we were glad they could join!

Blue Bunny love! It's the "ice cream capital of the world," did you know that? We may live in a small town, but we've got a few unique gems. :)

On Wednesday my mom came up early to help with Norah's friend party, so it was really nice because she volunteered to take Lucy and Ellory to their music class so Kley and I could take Norah bowling! Fun to be able to do things one on one. I also must say that I beat Kley. I don't think I've ever beaten him at any sporting activity before ever.

Fives for Norah! A whole hand!


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