Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Morning on the Green 2019.

One of our fun yearly traditions came again- Morning on the Green! The local college in our town (where my sister also goes!) had their homecoming celebrations, and our favorite part is morning on the green, where they have a bunch of  carnival type games and inflatables. The girls have such fun and we look forward to it every year. Different dorms/teams run the games- some of our favorites are inflatables (of course), toilet bowl game (where you throw toilet paper rolls into a toilet seat rim), and water balloon slingshot.

The girls also loved being able to watch the band and cheerleading team perform!

Can we have enough inflatable pictures? Many might say so, but my girls would definitely say no. We are loyal to our inflatables. 

The best family picture we got. Beautiful lighting, right? ;)

Fun to be with my sisters! Kayla goes to college in our town, and my sister Karlie was visiting from Minneapolis. Family friends Erica and Audrey got to come too. We babysit Audrey every Tuesday and the girls love her so much!

Bowling! (Lucy was being a bit clingy and didn't want to do it.)

Mega trikes!

Check out Morning on the Green last year and 2017! We missed 2016 because we were out of town I think, but also check out 2015 when Norah was so small!


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