Monday, October 8, 2018

Great grandparents and morning on the green.

It was homecoming weekend at Northwestern, our local college, and we are always excited for "Morning on the Green" every year! It's basically like kid paradise with inflatables, games, and prizes. Now that we've lived here for almost four years, it's so fun to have yearly traditions and fun things to look forward to each season.

The girls had a great time in the inflatables (well, Norah and Ellory did, Lucy didn't love it so much), and enjoyed suckers and popcorn (a big treat!). You can see Lucy sitting right beside the entrance hole and that's all she did. (Normally, I would think she would love this, but she's been extra clingy/crying this week and we aren't sure why. Doctor said she looked fine.)

Ellory loved it!

Norah's smile says it all.

This was her favorite game, where you throw toilet paper rolls into the toilet. Ha.

My grandparents were also visiting for the weekend, which was fun to see them! We only get to see them 1-2 times per year usually, so it was nice to have them! They hadn't seen the girls in seven months, so it was fun for them to see how they'd changed and fun for everyone that they could spend time together. They definitely colored many pictures, read lots of books, and played round after round of games!

All three girls voluntarily sat down in the same place together, so I had to take a picture! :)


  1. How precious for your grandparents to be able to play with your girls, that is a blessing for sure!! So glad you have been having lots of fun lately! I'll live through your adventures the next while. 😉💕

    1. Yes, it’s very special! So glad they came. And I get that you feel like you basically nurse all the time now probably, but I’ll love through your sweet newborn photos in reverse! 😉


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