Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Pumpkin patch and Thomas the train.

We had a fun weekend in Des Moines! We got to celebrate my sister Kayla's birthday (The big 2-0! We joked that we have three months together in our roaring 20s, as I turn 30 in December.) We also went to a pumpkin patch and rode Thomas the train!

It was the most beautiful fall weather and it was so great to be outside! I picked this pumpkin patch because it was the closest to my parent's house, and it thankfully turned out to be amazing! We had such a great time. Love family photos!

Norah is almost 4! What a sweet girl she is. She loves these horse swings. (Our local pumpkin patch has one too.)

Our niece Jorie! Such a cutie. It's so neat to see her blue eyes because our three girls have brown.

Kley and Kayla trying to figure out this two person bike. Love Kayla's face. It was actually pretty difficult!

Norah found a tractor swing this time too!

Norah is getting so much braver with going near the animals. She even fed a couple some grass!

Ellory loves animals. All animals. She will probably grow up to be a veterinarian. She has no fear and walks right up quite excitedly.

They had this giant inflatable pumpkin that was so fun! I just watched everyone run and jump and enjoy each other and the beautiful weather and it was such a special moment of thanking God for my family.

Ellory loved it!

Lucy jumped for a little bit, but unfortunately had a bit of a rough weekend. She is naturally a daddy's girl, but was very out of sorts and cried much more than usual. She only wanted Kley, so just she and him walked away from the crowds for awhile to calm her down. 

I am so grateful that both of our families are so involved and interactive with our girls. What a gift.

Norah also had a great time!

It was such a special day and I love taking way too many pictures (is there such a thing?) to remember it. 

They had this bathtub tractor ride that was so fun! Each tub had a different name.

It was actually quite relaxing to ride around in the bathtub! It was funny beforehand that Norah asked if her sweatshirt would get wet, like she thought they would be full of water. Ha.

Norah thought it was quite funny that the driver took a turn that ended up being tight (our tubs were at the end), and my dad's tub ran into a tree. We were going very slow, so it wasn't a problem, but we had to get out and detach his tub and reconnect it. Oops.

They had lots of bunnies.

Norah enjoyed some apples and caramel. She ate the whole thing and said it was incredible and so so good, which is kind of funny because I've offered her caramel dip before she didn't want it and she also always likes the skin cut off at home. It was so cute to watch her love it so much.

We also went to A Day Out with Thomas and it was fun! We got to ride Thomas the train and take a picture by him, meet Sir Topham Hatt, get a tattoo, play with the train tables, and jump in the Thomas inflatables. Doing special things with your kids is the best! What a sweet season this is of watching our girls learn/grow so much and enjoy the world around them.

Ellory really loves babies and it's so sweet to watch her with Jorie. She is so careful around her and pays so much attention to her. 

What a fabulous weekend; hope yours was too!


  1. What a fun weekend!! Looks like a complete weekend with family time! 💕


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