Monday, October 29, 2018

McDonald's and swimming- Norah's perfect birthday evening.

We let Norah pick whatever she wanted to do for dinner and activity on the night of her birthday, and she chose McDonald's and swimming. No surprise there! It was a really fun night celebrating our girl and so fun to watch your kids have fun. Aunt Kayla and Victoria (our cousin/Kayla's roommate) got to come too!

I wonder how many times the McDonald's workers see someone take a family photo there. Ha, but when it's your 4th birthday dinner, you do. Norah got that birthday crown from preschool and loved wearing it.

Love this smile!

Ellory is slower to warm up and was very serious sitting on the slide at first, but then she loved it! I bet both her and Lucy went down at least 30 times each. They loved it!

Love this picture of Victoria and Norah going down the slide!

Happy happy birthday, my sweet Norah. Being your mom is one of my greatest blessings and my most favorite things.


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