Friday, November 2, 2018

Lucy and Ellory- Twenty Months.

Lucy and Ellory are 20 months, which makes it really seem like 2 is getting closer! This month we went to the pumpkin patch a few times (here and in Des Moines), went to A Day Out with Thomas the Train, went swimming for Norah's birthday, and saw lots of family in celebration of Daddy and Norah's birthdays!

Stats/Doctor visits: They finally had their 18 month check, and Lucy was 33” (75%), 21 lbs 8 oz (28%), and head circumference 18.75” (80%). Ellory was 33.5” (86%), 24 lbs (62%), and head circumference 18.5” (66%). Lucy actually lost a little weight, but they weren't concerned since she's very active and a good eater. We've all had a healthy month!

Teeth: Ellory got both of her bottom canines on 10/3 (15th and 16th teeth).

Feeding: A big event this month was no more high chairs! Lucy had been sick of sitting in it for awhile and wanted to sit at the table, and Ellory caught up with her, so we finally just put them away since neither wanted to sit in them anyways. Now they just eat at our little table, and it's gone really well overall. They sit well at it. Sometimes we have to tell them to come back to the table near the end of the meal or they want to switch chairs, but they basically just get up when they are done eating. Helps that they usually love to eat! They are both good eaters and eat most things. They both really like grapes, chicken nuggets, cheese, and milk. Lucy is obsessed with hummus and will eat it plain with her fingers, and Ellory loves pizza. They eat three meals and a bedtime snack.

Diapers/Clothes: Another big event was switching to 24 month/2T clothes. Fun to get some new outfits! Still wearing size 4 diapers.

Sleeping: Good sleep is awesome. Sometimes one or both will take a bit to fall asleep at night, but they are content in their cribs and hardly ever cry. Even if they wake up a little early, they just chat to themselves and wait for us to go in. They rarely wake up during the night, and even if they do it's only for a minute or two and they settle themselves back down. There were a couple times I missed bedtime in the last months because of Bible study, and those bedtimes didn't go so hot, but if it's the normal routine they do really well. They sleep from about 8:30-8:30 and nap from about 1-3:30.

Words: It's so fun to hear their vocabulary expand! They are both saying so many words. Lucy is a bit of a grunter/pointer sometimes, but she does say a lot of words and copies most words. Ellory is very verbal. Both of their word lists are too high to count now. Ellory has said a couple two word sentences, but it's mostly just single words for both yet. They are understanding so much, and you can tell with following directions, pretend play, etc. For awhile, Ellory said no a lot (even when she meant yes), but now loves to say both yes and no. Lucy just started saying no. (Thankfully not in a bad way, yet anyways!) Lucy is the most polite one year old ever and says thank you all the time.

Developments: Lucy loves to hold hands when we walk places. She is very determined when she sets her mind to something, like when she pulled the wagon on our entire walk. She loves to climb up onto Norah's bike. She's still the biggest daddy's girl. She loves to yell hi to almost every person we see out, and she will yell it repeatedly until they acknowledge her, yet she wants to stay closer to me at Kindermusik and the library programs. Her hair is really growing! She loves to dump the boy bins out and mix everything together and carry around a bucket of random things. She is still on the move almost all the time. Ellory is in a major book phase and you can often find her reading, especially animal books. It's so adorable. It's such a prevalent thing that I even accidentally put it on my list of things to write about for the month twice! She likes to dance. She is more cautious with things like going down the stairs or climbing. Both are also semi regularly pooping on the toilet! They usually don't tell me (a few times they have), but if I see they are about to poop and ask if they want to sit on the potty they usually do. Ellory likes to read books on the toilet (no surprise, ha). They are both getting good at identifying/pointing to things in books or on walks.

Both: milk, babies, being outside, watching squirrels and dogs, playing in Norah's room or the basement, going for walks, baths, coloring
Ellory: books, dogs/animals, pointing out pumpkins, baby cousin Jorie
Lucy: washing her hands by herself in the bathroom sink, trying on Norah's shoes, when Dad comes home, helping empty the dishwasher, swinging, saying hi to people

It was also Norah's 4th birthday that day too!


  1. What a fun post!! Savannah was 20
    Months old when Trey was born, so this post was really fun to read! What beautiful, smart, sweet girls!! We miss you!

    1. Thanks! I can’t imagine adding a new baby right now, you handled it so gracefully! Thanks for loving my kids so well, we miss you too!


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