Thursday, November 8, 2018

Family birthday celebrations 2018 (for Norah and Kley)- De Jong side.

We got to celebrate more with the De Jong side! It was really fun. We had everyone (meaning Kley's parents, sister/BIL, and his 3 grandparents) over to our house for lunch, and then celebrated with just his family at their house in the evening. So thankful for loving family and that we all enjoy spending time together- a definite blessing. 

More mid candle blowing pictures. So cute. (Also, Norah isn't much of a sweets girl. We had cupcakes at her friend party, a cake last weekend with the Schut side, so this time I tried to make a cookie cake, and she ate none of it. Who's kid is this? :)

Great Grandpa Ver Steeg. Sometimes the girls are shy around great grandparents, but Lucy sat with him for several minutes that day and it was the sweetest. I think it meant a lot to him and I'm so happy that it happened. 

Great Grandpa and Grandma De Jong, glad they could join too!

Saying hello and petting the duck outside Papa and Amma's house. 

Life with twins feels so normal now, but occasionally I still step back in awe that we have TWO babies, who aren't even really babies anymore!

All family photos are one of my most favorite things. What a treasure.

I'm so glad to be a wife and mom.

Happy birthday Kley and Norah!

31 and 4.

We love Uncle Brett and Aunt Elizabeth (who are having a baby in February- so excited!).

This is not the greatest picture, but I cannot delete it. Kley is not a salad fan at all, and we had salad first, so everyone was joking about giving Kley the whole bowl. So, he spitefully took a huge bite of salad right when this picture was taken. I laughed so hard when I noticed it.

Norah requested "a baby that talks" for her birthday, so she was excited to open this!

She also requested "golf clubs that were just her size- real ones, not plastic ones," so she was pumped about these too! Now she has real ones like Daddy. They both got new golf bags too! They had to go outside to try them out.

Testing her clubs.

Happy birthday Kley and Norah! Love celebrating two of my most favorite people.


  1. These are great pics! The salad one made me laugh hearing the story! Men can be such stinkers! 🤣 Lol! Looks like the perfect birthday celebrations for Norah! Super fun!

    1. Thanks! Yes, always so fun to celebrate! I’ll lsugh at the salad picture forever, even if he was a stinker about it. Ha!


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