Thursday, November 29, 2018

Lucy and Ellory- Twenty-One Months.

Twenty-one months is here already! We met a friend's baby this month and it reminds you of how quickly they grow! Parenthood brings so many bittersweet feelings- bitter how fast they change and grow, yet so sweet to watch and be a part of.

Stats/Doctor visits: Poor Lucy had a left ear infection and then a couple weeks later had croup. We actually took her to the ER on a Sunday because a nurse said we should get her checked out after listening to her breathing on the phone, but thankfully she was okay and getting steroids right away helped quickly. Ellory had a tough cold for about two weeks as well. Considering those things, they handled it well!

Teeth: No new teeth- just waiting on two year molars for both.

Feeding: Their appetites were a little lessened this month with colds/sickness, but overall they are still good eaters. The physical arrangement of eating has been a bit of a struggle, as we got rid of the high chairs because they didn't like sitting in them anymore, but they only sat at the little table for a short while before wanting to be by us, so now they not only want to sit at the big table by us, but that means they sometimes want to sit on our laps too. Not ideal, but oh well I suppose. I know we'll miss it when they are older and never want to sit on our laps anymore. We basically eat all our meals crowded around our kitchen island, because it's so much easier to sweep/wipe up the hard kitchen floor vs. the rug under our dining room table. Both girls really loved pears and yogurt this month, and Lucy especially enjoyed Thanksgiving turkey. They also started taking a chewable gummy vitamin (instead of the gross brown liquid), and they both love it.

Diapers/Clothes: Ellory just switched to wearing a 5 diaper at night because she was leaking out, but other than that they are still wearing 4s. Wearing 24 month/2T clothes.

Sleeping: They sleep from about 8:30-8:30. Sometimes they take a bit to fall asleep or wake up early, but are pretty good about staying content in their cribs. They nap from 1-about 3-3:30. Love going to bed knowing we can (probably) sleep through the night! They've both made me nervous with a few attempts to climb out and praying they don't!

Words: It's so fun hearing them say new words. Ellory learned baboon from a book the other day and it was so funny. Ellory has started using two word sentences. It's hard to not write comparatively between the two sometimes, but I want to try hard to be sensitive to that and describe each uniquely and in their own positive ways. Lucy doesn't have as many words, but she is learning and communication is such a fun thing to watch develop in both of them. Ellory gets upset sometimes if we can't understand her or figure out what she wants. Both are understanding so much and are so proud to follow directions (when they want to, that is.)

Developments: Ellory goes down the stairs by herself now (still hesitantly, but she'll do it). Lucy loves to open and close doors (which makes Ellory mad when she shuts her in or out). Lucy loves to rock and shush her babies. They enjoy getting each others drinks and bringing them to the other. Both do pretty well with leaving the Christmas tree/stockings alone. Lucy's hair is really growing. Lucy always searches for Kley whenever she wakes up and likes to identify facial features and belly buttons. Ellory is pretty good at counting to 10. Usually Norah has her iPad time when they are sleeping, but if they are ever awake, Ellory loves to try to watch with her and Lucy is not interested at all. I think we are all missing playing outside, as we've had some clingy/grumpy nights lately. When we do get to go outside, they both love the pink driving car, Ellory loves the lawn mower, and Lucy loves to try to ride Norah's bike. They are both good with using silverware (though Lucy is fairly messy), and do well with “knowing” our schedule and routines. They both sometimes poop on the potty- Ellory isn't as interested as she used to be; Lucy loves it. They both enjoy Kindermusik class. Lucy loves to take her shoes off in the car and her sleep sack off in her crib.

Favorites: Both- Attempting to hit golf balls, Norah, Kley, pointing out puppies, coloring, walks, milk, being chased, playing in the basement.
Lucy- Grandpas (though we love all family!), emptying dishwasher, holding hands, saying hi to people, dumping buckets out and mixing toys together, mega bloks.
Ellory- Grandmas (though we love all family!), reading books (huge favorite!), animals, stuffed animals.

No one was cooperative for pictures today, so this is what we got. :)


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