Thursday, October 5, 2017

Morning on the green and college friends.

Sorry for the repeats, but we seem to find ourselves at every activity that has bounce houses, and Norah is in love. As I mentioned in my last Norah update post, Norah even regularly thanks God for bounce houses in her prayers. So, to everyone's delight, here are more pictures of Norah enjoying the inflatables!

We went to Morning on the Green, which happens every fall during Northwestern's homecoming (the college in our town). It's basically kid heaven with a bunch of games and inflatables and you earn candy by playing the games. What made it even better was that we had three of my college friends visiting for the weekend, so we all got to go together!

Playing games!

So many babies! My friend Brittany stayed with us, and so did Jackie and her husband and two kids. My other college friend Kari was here just for the day on Saturday with her baby, so we had two toddlers and four babies! It was a fun, full house. 

Trying to take pictures of the four babies.

Thankful for good friends who made the trip to visit us!


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