Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall Festival 2017.

We went to the Fall Festival this weekend (and my parents and grandparents were able to come too!), and we had lots of fun. It was at a local garden center and they had a bounce house, obstacle course, petting zoo, face painting, scavenger hunt, pumpkin painting, and a corn pit. A kid's paradise, right? Norah loved it!

I didn't get many great pictures, because I was either holding babies or feeding babies. It's the effort that counts!

There was debate in the family of if Norah would be able to make it over this wall. She did it!

I don't know why I continually try to take pictures of them inside of a bounce house because they always look terrible, but I can't stop.

Go, Norah, go!

This is Kley, Norah, and Ellory, if you can't quite tell. Lucy was off in the distance with my grandma.

Petting zoo! Notice how Norah's sitting way in the corner. "I will look, but do not come near me."

Corn pit!


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