Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pumpkinland 2017.

I caught these two cute pictures as we were getting ready in the morning. Love when they are all sitting together and when Norah puts her arm around them!

Norah has been waiting for months for Pumpkinland to open again, and the time has come! Every time we drive past, she points it out and ponders about what the donkeys must be doing. She loved the donkeys so much last year. (You can see her first two times going here and here.)

Some classic pictures by the pumpkins. 

This little pumpkin stand is too cute!

Kley being a great baby-wearing dad. Lucy basically wants to be held 24/7, so the carrier works nicely sometimes!

They have a little playground area of these houses/slides, and Norah had to explore all of them, of course.

Checking out the geese and goats.

Trying to get a cute one of the girls on this little bench.

Norah loved watching the goats and donkeys eat the hay and thought it was so funny they were up inside it.

Riding the horse swing. We said it was the biggest swing she'd ever been on and she loved it!

We brought a picnic lunch there and it was a really fun time as a family! Love spending time together, and watching your kids have fun is the best. (And I don't know what was so captivating to make both Lucy and Ellory look at it, but funny!)

And, to top off the fun, grandma even showed up while we were there! (She was coming up for the weekend and happened to arrive while we were there.)

We had a great time and I'm sure we will be back several more times this season!


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