Thursday, September 17, 2015


I have grandparents that live in Sioux Center, so I remember coming to Pumpkinland often when I was growing up, and I always loved it. Even in the past few years, I always wanted to go to Pumpkinland whenever we visited OC to get fall things for my classroom (when I used to teach preschool). Now, we live here and we got to bring Norah for her first time!

She's still a bit young to fully enjoy it, but that didn't stop us. We checked out the animals, which Norah would stare at from a safe distance and nothing closer (ha), and all the pumpkins, where Norah had to thoroughly touch each one she saw to make sure it was okay.

Norah and Daddy!

Little Norah!

In the above picture I think she looks to tiny, but in this picture she looks like such a big girl sitting all by herself on the bench!

Checking out the tall corn!

Pick you own pumpkin patch.

Norah enjoyed getting a few pumpkins!

We are welcoming fall and enjoying the cooler temps!


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