Monday, September 21, 2015

Swearing in ceremony.

We were so thrilled to find out last week that Kley passed the bar! Friday he had his swearing in ceremony in Des Moines. It was a neat ceremony. It was great that we got to celebrate again and see family!

The ceremony was at the Hoyt Sherman Place, which I had never been to before, but it was a cool building! The theatre space was so unique. 

I thought this picture of Kley taking the oath was really cool!

Kley getting his official license!

(This picture is incredibly dark, I know. Oops.)

We are so proud of you, Kley! 

It was so special to celebrate all of Kley's hard work over the past years. You did it!

Kley's parents. 

My parents.

Kley's a real lawyer now!


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