Friday, September 25, 2015

Norah- Eleven Months.

Norah is 11 months! Lots of people have commented about how grown up you are starting to look! You are turning into such a big girl and it’s a joy to watch! Norah started wearing 18 month clothes at 10.5 months, and did not get any new teeth.

Norah is still on the same schedule as the last few months. She sleeps from about 10-9 (sometimes 10:30-8:30ish) at night, and takes two naps, usually a two hour nap around 12, and an hour and a half about 5. Norah still nurses 4 times a day (about 9, 2, 5, and 10), has yogurt for breakfast, veggies/protein for lunch, and fruit for dinner (both mixed with milk and cereal). She is starting to supplement even more solids for snacks and what we eat for dinner.

Norah had her 9 month check up this month (finally!), and weighed 21 lbs. 8 oz. (83%), head circumference was 18” (81%), and was 30.25” (96%). We’ve got a tall girl! Her percentages have stayed very close to the same at every appointment- a good sign of healthy growth!

Norah went through a two week phase at the beginning of the month of struggling to go to sleep- she would just cry and cry. It was sad and we are glad that’s over! We tried to go in and comfort her, but that only seemed to prolong it even more, so we eventually had to let her cry it out, which was not fun! Norah’s hair grew this month, and now she puts her left hand behind her head to comfort herself when upset/falling asleep, and will play with her hair/clothes. She always liked to hold onto something, usually her clothes, but now always puts her left hand behind her head, and sucks her thumb with her right hand. It’s pretty cute!

Norah grasped how to tip the sippy cup up by herself this month, and is quite good at drinking now! She crawls “normal” and very quickly, although sometimes still crawls with one leg up like she did when she first started crawling. She pulls herself up to stand on everything, and can even stand for a few seconds on her own! She can even climb up on a few things, like the stairs in the basement and the dishwasher.

Norah learned how to clap this month and loves to do it, and enjoys patty-cake. She can also shake hands and pretends to hold the phone to her ear. She loves to look out the window and watch what’s going on outside. She started dancing this month and moves a little whenever music comes on. She loves to give kisses, and can even do eskimo and butterfly kisses! She will occasionally do a few signs (we have seen up, more, and all done), but she doesn’t do it often. We think she has said “dada” and “wow” a few times, but we didn’t have an exact moment where we thought she said her first word. We can tell she tries to copy what we say sometimes! She is growing in being able to play by herself and does pretty well while I unload the dishwasher or fold a load of laundry, but she still prefers to be close and playing with us. If I push her “playing alone” time, she definitely lets me know by whining/crying and pulling on my pant leg to be picked up!

Overall, Norah is such a happy, pleasant baby. She still hates the nursery, but if that’s the worst thing, we’ll totally take it! I wish it wouldn’t make her so upset, but it’s actually really sweet that she just wants to be with us so much. Thankfully she does well with being with family. She smiles, laughs, and babbles often. She loves to explore and take in the world around her. Being Norah’s parents is the best! Can’t believe she is almost one! It’s gone so quickly, but it also feels like we have always had her. We love you Norah!

As you can tell, Norah was not really into the photo shoot. The older they get, the harder it is to get a good picture, especially when you are trying to get them to look, smile, and see the sticker all at the same time. This next one is a real winner- she was done!


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