Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Norah was very excited to go see the animals at Pumpkinland this year. I made the mistake of going too early this year and hyped her up for it, only to find out it wasn't open yet. Now she's been talking about it for two weeks saying, "Animals. Later." since I told her we would go again later, and she also asks, "Open?" every time we talk about it, like she wants me to double check that it's for sure open this time. Ha. 

Today was a beautiful day for it! It was cool enough to wear sweatshirts, and the sun was shining perfectly. Norah loves to see animals from a distance and talk about them basically all the time, but she gets scared when she gets too close. 

That sweatshirt and hat. Too cute. (She really hates to wear sunglasses, so at least I can sometimes get her to wear a hat when it's really sunny. I should correct that- she loves to put sunglasses on, but only for 3 seconds before she rips them off.)

She spotted her favorite animal- a donkey! She has been obsessed with donkeys lately because she loves to find them in her children's Bible every night when we read a story. 

The cutest little pumpkin stand! They had these little wheelbarrows for kids and Norah pushed one around for a long time, putting little pumpkins in it.

And Saturdays are always the best days because Daddy can come along too!

We (and when I say we, I mean I), had to get a medium pumpkin for Norah and two tiny pumpkins for the twins. So cute! Our three little babies!


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