Monday, October 23, 2017

Twin pictures galore and some "first" things!

This post is basically a mother's paradise, as it's filled with cute baby pictures and lots of "first" things that are amazing to me and close family/friends, but I know the general population might not find the most fascinating. But, they are adorable and I can't resist. :)

The girls have been improving at sitting up! They sit up independently now, but not for long periods (like I wouldn't walk away from them and leave them sitting up).

I also really love Lucy's ponytails.

Someone told me that they've never met a baby who likes tummy time as much as Lucy, and that's a pretty true statement. From the day she learned to roll over, she's spent the great majority of her life on her belly. 

Norah calls their athletic wear "sporty outfits." So cute!

Slowly leaning..

Have to use my arm as a prop.

We also recently got out the activity jumper, and the looks on their faces reflect their true feelings. They enjoy it for about two minutes, then have two minutes of indifference, then turn to crying. (I debated about getting another one, and so glad I didn't since they don't like it that much.)

They do, however, love swinging! (Lucy was off somewhere being held by great grandma, so just Ellory got a turn.)

We also got out their "big girl" high chairs and the baby walker! (They were previously eating in their Bumbo seats, but they were getting a bit too big for them and could move themselves with their feet and lean way over, so we thought it was time to get these out and they love them! If you don't have one of these, they are from Ikea and only $20 and all parents should have one! Also, they are not actually using the walker yet, but just got it out for them to sit in front of and play with, though Norah basically thinks it's for her.)

Love my babies!

Lucy's hair is getting so long!

Almost everyone says some version of, "You've got your hands full!" or "I bet you're busy!" when they see us out in public, but overall being a twin mom is pretty great. Yes, my hands are full and I am super busy and it's really hard at moments, but Lucy and Ellory are totally awesome. :)

(They change so fast I can't even keep up. Since writing this post last week and before publishing, they are now crawling and Lucy has both her top teeth!)


  1. Way to go Lucy! You are about 6 months ahead of Trey in the teething department! 😂❤️ All your girls are so cute!! Love that they are getting so big and fun as time goes on!

    1. It is so fun to watch! It’s almost easier for me the second time around to watch them get older (and not be too sad about losing the previous phase), because I already know now all the fun to come!


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