Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Omaha zoo.

Saturday we had a fun filled day in Omaha! We met Brett and Elizabeth there from Des Moines, and Kley's parents were there too. It was supposed to rain, but we are thankful it didn't! We did a little shopping afterwards and had a birthday dinner for Kley (who turned 30!) and Norah (who turned 3!) last week. So thankful for family!

Grateful for strollers, baby carriers, and most importantly, extra family to help hold/reign in/love on our girls!

We love Aunt Elizabeth!

Norah was excited to ride the carousel with daddy. She said her favorite animal she saw there was a gorilla, so no surprise she's sitting on one!

Sleeping babies.

I love this picture, aside from Norah's hand covering her face.

They had a lot of giraffes really close to the viewing deck, so those were fun to see too!


  1. Super fun! Too bad it was cold so you didn't get to enjoy the splash pad! Was it even open to look at?


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