Saturday, November 4, 2017

Halloween 2017.

Happy Halloween! Holidays/special occasions are so fun with your kids! Norah has been excited for Halloween for about two months. She couldn't decide what she wanted to be, and whenever we talked about it she just said she wanted to be everything or that she wanted to wear all the costumes. Ha. We ended up going with Minnie because my aunt let us borrow the costume (yay for free!), and she just had a Minnie Mouse birthday party

Norah is pretty shy talking to strangers and very serious during trick-or-treating, so an onlooker would probably think she's hating the experience, while she's seriously been talking about it at home for weeks and carrying around her pumpkin candy bag. 

We had a great time! We took Norah to trunk or treat at a local church (where you just trick or treat out of people's trunks in the church parking lot and each car has a theme), downtown at the businesses (in our small town, a lot of the businesses are on the same street, so it's perfect for kids because there's not a lot of walking), and to some family's houses, so she actually went 3 times!


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