Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015.

Norah and I had a few open days this last week, so we went to Des Moines! Unfortunately Kley had to stay to work, so he couldn't come. We had a lot of fun seeing family and friends! My best friend Stephanie was also home from DC, so we got to see her, and we were also able to get together with a friend from our old small group and a friend who I used to work with. It was a great few days!

Norah opened her birthday present from Stephanie, and it was the cutest little pink chair with her name on it!

Norah would not crack a smile. She also learned how to unzip her clothes last week, so she is perpetually playing with zippers. 

Norah also got to meet her new friend Carter!

Love getting to see Steph!

For Halloween Norah was the cutest giraffe in all the land. We got the costume at a friend's garage sale, and giraffes are my favorite animal, so it worked out perfectly! We even got a smiling picture!

Norah doesn't love to wear hats, but surprisingly she wore this costume so well and wasn't trying to pull it off!

Norah and Daisy.

Aunt Rose, Uncle Keaton, and Aunt Kayla/

Grandma and Grandpa.

(I forgot to get a family picture of Norah in her costume on Saturday when we got home. Oops. We took Norah to see friends and family in OC in her costume too!)


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