Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 (part one).

Happy Thanksgiving 2015! Hope it was a great one for all of you! We were fortunate to spend time with both of our families, and it was great! We spent the first few days in Des Moines seeing my family. All of my siblings were there along with their spouses/fiances, so it was great! I love pulling up to my parent's house and seeing the driveway full of cars, because it means everyone is here!

Uncle Keaton really loves Norah! (So does everyone else, obviously, but Keaton has special silly voices/sounds!)


Norah loves her Bitty Baby! She hugs and rocks her and it's the cutest thing.

While Norah does super cute things like rock her baby, she can also whine/yell now when she doesn't get something she wants. Oh to be one! (We're going to have to work on tantrum throwing in the months/years to come! You naively hope your baby won't do that like you somehow magically birthed a perfectly obedient child, but alas, the sinful nature is present in everyone.)

But she's still the cutest baby in all the land. 

She sucks her thumb when she gets tired. So adorable.

Grandma love.

Thanksgiving feast!

I really love having the whole family around the table.

For those who know my family, if you want to tell the difference between these two seemingly identical photos, just look at my brother Keaton- always throwing something weird in the picture. This was mild for him!

Happy Thanksgiving from the De Jong's! We have much to be thankful for.


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