Monday, November 2, 2015

Norah's First Birthday (Part 4).

(I promise this is the last post about Norah's birthday. I may have gone a little overboard. You can see the other parts here.)

After all the party festivities were over, Norah opened her gifts from family. Grandpa and Gramie De Jong got her a kids craft table from Pottery Barn Kids. Grandpa and Grandma Schut got her an American Girl Doll Bitty Baby and ball tower. From aunts/uncles she got some kitchen toys, books, and a vibrating musical pig (the pig was from Uncle Keaton, not surprisingly!). 

Norah loves balls!

Norah has not shown much interest in dolls yet, but there is something about the Bitty Baby that captivates her. She is obsessed with it and plays with her a lot already! She loves covering her up with a blanket.

Cake time!

We waited to to her cake until right before she took her bath at night, and unfortunately that was probably bad timing because she was tired from a really full day already. As you can tell, she didn't love it.

Pouty lip.

She did like the smoke from the candle blowing out.

It was funny to watch. She would put her fingers in, but didn't like being dirty, so she would stick her hands out for Daddy or me to lick it off. Too cute!

Happy first birthday Norah! We love you so much!


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