Friday, November 20, 2015

Practical tips for baby's first year.

I love writing baby posts! Since Norah recently turned one, here is a list of very practical tips for new parents. Some may be common sense, but this what I learned/wish I would have learned sooner.

1. Kley's family does really big bridal showers, but they don't do baby showers (because his mom's side is so large). Instead, they all give diapers, which is great! Diapers are expensive, so it's a very practical, cost-saving gift. However, we got a lot of Huggies and Pampers. Now, we use the Target Up & Up diapers, which are cheaper, and I really like them. I wish I would have exchanged the Huggies and Pampers diapers for the Target brand, because then I could have gotten more for the money. So, if you get diapers, don't be afraid to exchange them for the brand you want. Same goes for wipes.

2. You also get more diapers for your money the smaller the size. So, don't go up a size until you have to (unless they keep leaking out, having blowouts, or it's noticeably too small). If it still fits/keeps it all in, keep going on that size for as long as you can!

3. Don't feel like you have to keep something just because you don't have a receipt. Most stores are very good at giving you store credit to exchange for something else, even without a receipt. I was very surprised at how many people gave us gifts with no receipt, even gifts that were not from our registry. (Not that I'm not appreciative, I am so grateful for all the gifts that Norah was blessed with her first year!)

4. Some baby items are worth investing money in for the top brand. Personally, I think it's worth investing money into getting a really nice stroller. We have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, and I love it and use it almost everyday. There's nothing I would change about it, except to make the storage basket underneath bigger with easier access. A tiny part of me wishes we would have gotten the Baby Jogger City Select, because you can easily add the second seat to turn it into a double stroller, but oh well. Also, I think it's worth investing in a video monitor. I am so glad that I can see Norah on the screen as well as hear. I've heard people say that the video monitor isn't worth it, but I really love it.

5. A vaporizer is a good thing to have on hand in case your baby gets sick (or at least know someone who has one you can borrow). I remember rushing to get one when Norah got sick. I definitely don't use it often, but it's nice to have close for those unexpected times when you could use it quickly.

6. Start a bedtime routine right away. The first two months (the first month especially) were rough at night, and once we started doing a consistent bedtime routine, it really helped her.

7. Keep all the storage things your baby's items come in, so when you don't use them anymore, you already have a nice way to store them. I'm not saying keep all the cardboard boxes and things like that, but a lot of Norah's things came in really nice plastic containers with a zipper (like her sheets, crib skirt, car seat cover, boppy pillow, etc.) They are really nice to have to store things in again once your baby outgrows them.

8. For baby's first few months, carry a few extra outfits for sure. It's amazing how much they blow out or pee while changing, etc.

9. If you stay in a hotel, take a push pin so you can attach the baby monitor to the wall (if you will need it). I remember spending a long time trying to set it on top of the lamp, TV, etc. and could not find a good position without a push pin.

10. Prepare early for the next stage, especially when you live in a small town like me and can't get to Target very quickly. This was especially true when Norah was able to pull herself up in the crib. Once she could do that, it happened quickly, and she started biting the crib railing. By the time I could order crib protectors, she had bitten so much off and we had to sand it down/refinish one side of the crib. Oops. So, buy crib protectors early to save that beautiful crib you just spent tons of money on!

11. Baby gas drops can be a miracle worker for a fussy/gassy baby. I don't like giving Norah medicine unless she really needs it, but these were such a low dosage and I think they really helped her when she was having trouble falling asleep when she was younger.

I could probably think of more, but there are a few tips I wish I would have known!


  1. These are such good tips, Kelsey! I would echo all of them - except Ainsley still hasn't figured out that she can chew on her crib. I should get some crib protectors before she figures it out! :)


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