Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween 2016.

Happy Halloween! Norah was the cutest butterfly this year. She enjoyed wearing her costume and was excited to put it on, but got sick of it at the end of the day (which I don't blame her for, because we put it on several times for different things). 

It was fun this year because it was her first year of really understanding how to trick or treat. In our town, all the businesses downtown open up for trick or treating in the afternoon. It's perfect for young kids because it's all on one street and you know that everyone is participating. We practiced saying "trick or treat" all morning and she carried her basket around all day. Norah did so well! She was very serious while doing it, but I think she liked it. She walked right up to their candy baskets, said "trick or treat" to a lot more people than I thought she would, politely took one piece of candy each time and put it in her basket, and only asked to eat one thing (M+M's- her favorite). I was pretty proud! (She definitely asked to eat several more things at night, but during the trick or treating only asked for one!)

Kley unfortunately missed it because he was at work, but we went out to the grandparents' houses at night and he got to come for that. All in all, I think Norah had a great Halloween and she was so proud of her candy bag!

Norah's best pal, Ainsley.

Not a great photo, but Norah loved going with her friends, Lottie and Ainsley!


  1. I love this last picture! What cute little friends. It also captures the true essence of 3 2 year olds ;)


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