Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016.

We spent Thanksgiving in Des Moines with my family, and it was a great time! We were originally not going to come, as we were going to go on a trip with my family over Christmas, but now we can't go because it's too late in the twin pregnancy. Bummer! But, I'm glad we were able to come for Thanksgiving and I'm glad the rest of the family is still able to go, because it would be silly for everyone to miss just for me. 

Norah is eating up her time as the only grandchild and loves all the attention from family. It's so fun to watch her enjoy coming here and to watch her love family so much. She was so excited to pack her suitcase to come, and wheeled it around all day while we were packing!

We celebrated Christmas, of sorts, while we were here too because my grandparents and uncle/aunt were here and we won't see them at Christmas either. And it was fun to see all my mom's decorations too!

Last Thanksgiving/Christmas as a family of three!

Belly kisses. 

Much to be thankful for!

Thanksgiving dinner. Norah's favorite is definitely green bean casserole.

Grandpa reading the Christmas story.

Opening a few presents!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! So very thankful for family and all that He has blessed us with.


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