Friday, December 8, 2017

Disney on Ice with Norah.

As one of Norah's birthday presents, we got her tickets to Disney on Ice over Thanksgiving weekend. It worked out great because we were in Des Moines already and my parents watched Lucy and Ellory. As we were talking about it, I was surprised on how much she understood, because it wasn't a physical gift to open, but when she would see any princess she would talk about seeing them at Disney on Ice and she was excited. She originally thought it was just a special movie she was going to get to watch in the van on the way to Des Moines, but we tried to explain to her the concept of a show.

The day finally came and it was awesome! It was special for Kley and I to be able to do something one on one with her, and it was so fun to watch the awe in her eyes.

Beauty and the Beast's Be Our Guest song.

Mickey and Minnie were the announcers.

Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

We forked over the money for an outrageously priced light up wand, but it was totally worth it, as this is a special thing that we don't normally do. She didn't ask for anything, but we let her pick out something she wanted and she was excited! Sometimes it's so special to surprise your kids with something fun and unexpected.

I really love this picture. :)


And Norah's favorite part at the end- Frozen!

Norah is a big Frozen fan,

The end when everyone came out together.

It was a super fun outing with our oldest gal! I will always look back on this day with fond memories. 


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